Free, no obligation quotes, advice and initial discussion.  Sample reports provided on inquiry.

Specialists in Building Surveys (also known as full/traditional building surveys or structural surveys) for home owners, buyers and sellers. 

Buyers: Would you give thousands and thousands of pounds for a property you may have looked round a couple of times, belonging to someone you don’t know, just because it looked nice, felt right and seemed to fulfill your dreams?

Whatever you do - don't rely on a surveyor suggested by an estate agent - I guarantee you will not be given the full picture...ask yourself why were they recommended? Could it be they don't rock the boat!

I provide full level 3 Building surveys, incorporating the RICS template but providing further and more detailed information.

A level 3 building survey is suitable for any property. It is an in-depth investigation and provides guidance on resolving defects found. I do not provide valuations (Level 1), or detailed costings for works required. Contact a professional independent valuer or for detailed costings you should engage a quantity surveyor. As a guide only, I can provide free on request, a rough 'ball park' amount that it might cost to remedy the defects found on the basis you will obtain firm estimates from reputable contractors before exchange of contracts.

I do not offer level 2 Homebuyers reports as they are only suitable for homes in good condition, which have been well maintained and not altered or extended since built. A level 2 only notes substantial defects, it does not provide explanations and further investigations are commonly required.

Call me and I will set out the facts that will influence your future and enjoyment of a property. Only then can you truly make an informed decision to either:

  • Walk away from a lemon, and save yourself thousands of pounds!
  • Negotiate a reduction in the price to cover or put towards the work required.  The cost of the survey is usually more than covered by this.
  • Understand the costs, time and effort it will take to bring the property up to standard so you can decided if it is truly worth it, both financially and emotionally.
  • Plan the work required in a logical, cost efficient manner, again often saving more than the survey fee.
Sellers:  Why run the risk of a sale falling through, putting you back to square one, after many weeks of lost time and legal fees. Find out what you need to do and smooth the path to a successful sale. 
Owners: Plan your property maintenance, prioritise repairs, save energy,  protect your investment and the environment and improve your property.

Duct causing condensation Unsupported overflow, underfelt liable to rot back, poorly insulated water pipes
Period Property But high maintenance
Warning signs Would you buy from the hole in the wall gang
Old but Gold - if you get the right advice!